Senate report: Boeing and FAA "manipulated" 737 MAX re-approval tests

Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration "manipulated" recertification tests for the 737 MAX airliner, and this is only "one of many accusations in a damning new Senate report," writes Sean O'Kane.

The 737 MAX was taken out of service after hundreds of deaths in two similar accidents, and in the aftermath it was revealed that Boeing and the FAA cut corners in the development and approval of the new jet.

And yet,

the Senate report's authors say the "FAA and Boeing were attempting to cover up important information that may have contributed to the 737 MAX tragedies."

The 102-page report, released Friday, was compiled by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation and is built on information from 50 whistleblowers, FAA staff interviews, and more than 15,000 pages of documents. It comes one month after the FAA cleared the 737 Max to return to flight, and as airlines around the world start reintroducing the plane into their fleets.

To Boeing, it seems the mortal danger of going out of business outweighs the mortal danger of setting foot on a 737 MAX.