Here's the smart desktop warmer that safely keeps your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature

Simple solutions are almost always the best solutions. If you're cold, put on a jacket. If your car engine light clicks on, take it into the shop. And, if your coffee loses its piping hot bite…well, heat that baby up.

Most of us are fans of the bold, burly sting of a fresh-off-the-brewer coffee at its face-scalding hottest, but when work or life intrudes, it doesn't take long for science to turn your cup of blistering hot goodness into a tepid room temperature mug of meh.

Rather than constant trips to the microwave, the Electric Smart Mug Warmer can maintain coffee at just the perfect temperature so drinkers will have a final sip that's just as robust and warming as the first.

With the 18-watt heating element, drinkers can choose the exact temperature they want for their cup, anywhere from 104 up to a searing 140 degrees. Just touch the button once to heat the warmer up, wait for the indicator to go red, place your mug, then push the button again to settle your temperature right to the desired level. With this warmer issuing a consistent heat, there's no threat of your brew ever turning into a stagnant, stale beverage.

Of course, this lightweight, sleek cup warmer isn't just a heater, either. It's also packed full of smart tech to keep your beverage warm and safe at the same time. Inside the warmer is gravity induction sensor technology that actually reads your coffee or tea. It will sense when the cup is empty or if it's been removed, then automatically shut itself off 60 seconds later.

This mug warmer works like a dream with any glass, stainless steel, or ceramic cups with flat bottoms for an even heating.

The Electric Smart Mug Warmer retails for $59, but as part of this offer, it's now over 60% off the regular price, down to only $22.99 while this deal lasts.

Prices subject to change.