The Icebreaker Nordic Pop is the ice cube tray you've waited your whole life for

For all its basicness, it's surprising how many people have amazingly strong opinions about their ice. And after reading that sentence, you probably had a visceral reaction to the right ways and wrong ways for using ice too. Because, for something as fundamental as hardened water, we've all got a position.

Whether you like it in big cubes, crushed, made with mountain spring water, or in some other artisan manner, ice matters. The Icebreaker Nordic Pop Ice Cube Tray Mold understands this and attempts to help you craft brilliant ice every time.

While that may sound silly, it's easy to get ice…well, wrong, with just one of those funky old ice trays. The Icebreaker eliminates all the ways you can screw it up, helping you create 18 large cubes per refill.

The process of using the Pop is even easier than using the old school ice tray, and a heck of a lot more efficient. The innovative design of the Pop, created from food-safe plastics, makes filling it as simple as filling a bottle. Once you fill it to the line, drop it into the freezer for 6 to 8 hours, then get it ready. Push down on the handles to break the cubes from the tray, pull the handles apart to free them, then tip the Pop over and pour them into a glass just as you would your beverage.

The tray is 100% airtight, so it not only fully protects the smell and taste of your ice, but you don't get all the ice shards and debris that used to come from cracking ice out of a tray.

The Pop even retains its thermal effectiveness when it's out of the freezer, so if you leave a few cubes inside for drink no. 2, there's very little melting that occurs, even after a handful of hours.

It's also designed for freezer efficiency as well, with a fully stackable frame that can accommodate a few Pops in your freezer at once, ensuring all the ice you need whenever you need it.

The Icebreaker Nordic Pop is regularly $29, but as part of his deal, it's now a third off, chipping your price all the way down to just $19.99.