This training collection can make you a Six Sigma project management black-belt

Anybody can be on the receiving end of a good idea or a lightning bolt revelation. It might be about a software project. It could be a method for reorganizing your business operations. It could be a new product idea or a major initiative that could have a huge impact on a business and everyone that works there.

But ideas, even great ones, are truly a dime a dozen. Now, executing on that great idea? That's where the proverbial rubber truly meets the road. 

Execution requires careful planning, which also requires a carefully considered system for making those plans real. With the training in The 2021 Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle, students are introduced to one of the most popular project management methodologies in the world, laying out the roadmap for making all those incredible ideas real.

And, if it's being taught about Six Sigma, it's in this collection. With 15 different courses covering almost 50 hours of instruction, this is the template for knowing how Six Sigma works and executing the steps leading from Six Sigma understanding to Six Sigma master.

The Six Sigma method focuses on reducing abnormalities during your production and warding off defects that can slow down efficiency, time, and money. Six of these courses guide students along the Six Sigma journey, ushering users from the introductory steps through the process. Along the way, students pass milestones in their understanding, earning yellow, green, and ultimately the coveted black-belt of an absolute Six Sigma expert.

By learning, then using Six Sigma tools and tactics in actual hands-on exercises, users learn ways to spot those variations on your supply line, remove roadblocks, and organize team members and clients toward a successful conclusion that meets everyone's expectations.

Meanwhile, the courses also look at a popular subset approach, the Lean Six Sigma method. Over these three courses, users also focus heavily on how to eliminate waste from a project as students get training in how to become a Just-In-Time Specialist, who serves as an efficiency machine during the lifecycle of a project.

This collection closes with a deep dive into the impact of Minitab in the Six Sigma process. A stats tool used for spotting trends and finding information hidden inside critical business data, users get a firm grasp on how to add this number-driven component to further streamline a Six Sigma project.

The 2021 Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle is regularly priced at nearly $3,000, but as part of this offer, it's all available now for only $31.99.