Russian scientist who worked on coronavirus vaccine is stabbed, falls out of window to his death

A Russian scientist credited with working on a coronavirus vaccine has been stabbed and somehow fell out of a window of a multi-story St. Petersburg apartment building, and has died, reports Moscow Times.

Geneticist and molecular and cellular biologist Alexander Kagansky was 45.

A local media report from Novosti.

Kagansky's affiliations included the Maryland-based National Cancer Institute, and the University of Edinburgh, where he was reportedly recently working on a Covid-19 vaccine.

From Moscow Times:

The body of geneticist and molecular and cellular biologist Alexander Kagansky, 45, was found in the courtyard of a 16-story apartment block Saturday. The news website reported that he had been visiting an old schoolmate on their birthday the day of his death.

Russia's Investigative Committee, which only identified Kagansky by his birth year of 1975, said it detained an unnamed 45-year-old suspect as part of a murder investigation.

The suspect denied that he had stabbed Kagansky and claimed that the scientist had wounded himself, reported, citing unnamed sources.

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