Santa Claus flies into power lines, needs rescue

An unnamed man who flies around the Rio Linda, CA area regularly in a motorized parachute aircraft decided to dress up as Santa Claus, fly in and deliver candy to children–a noble effort. This flight, however, got himself stuck upside down in power lines.

Sacramento Metro Fire Department said there was no electric current able to run through the pilot or his aircraft based on how he was positioned in the wires. Father Christmas was suspended upside down high in the wires for some time but thanks to the efforts of a giant rescue ladder he was brought down to safety.

Now that we know he is a 100% okay, I think it is allowable for us to chuckle a bit at how ridiculous this nitwit looked upside down all twisted in wires and parachute and aluminum frame in a red St. Nick outfit like Stan Laurel. I'm not exactly slapping my knee in laughter but it is at least mildly comical. Yes, he could have plummeted to his death or gotten fried to a Krisp Kringle, but he didn't, and now it's a slapstick situation and for that I thank Père Nöel. Bless you, Sinterklaas, for the delightful holiday chortle.