This cookware system can replace a bunch of kitchen tools in one handy unit

We've all had that kitchen moment that feels like a scene straight out of a Three Stooges movie. We go to one of those big cupboards to dig out a cupcake pan or a pasta maker or some other piece of highly specialized culinary technology, only to be greeted by a waterfall of kitchen stuff spewing out of the cabinet like clowns spilling out of a VW Beetle.

Too many kitchen appliances are built to do one singular job. While they may do that job well, it still means you have dozens of different pieces of equipment when it would be a whole lot easier to just have one.

The Denmark One Pan 4-Piece Cookware System may not be able to do absolutely everything today's cook needs done in the kitchen, but it can certainly take the place of a few of those bulky items cluttering those valued storage spaces.

This multifunctional utility player is based around an 11.75" rectangular skillet that can step in as both a fry pan or a griddle. Of course, if you flip it over, that skillet now becomes the lid for a 4-quart-deep rectangular casserole pan. The casserole options alone open this cookware up to hundreds of potential uses, but with the accompanying glass lid, chefs can also use it as a braiser on a stovetop or in a standard convection oven.

Meanwhile, the assemblage also includes a rectangular mesh frying basket that, with a few twists, helps turn the entire collection into a deep fryer. Sure, maybe it can't bake bread or cook an entire rotisserie chicken, but between the skillet, casserole, and fryer configurations, this versatile set can help you create tons of interesting dishes, all while stepping in for several old kitchen utensils you can now happily replace.

Right now, you can pick up the complete Denmark One Pan 4-Piece Cookware System for just $55.99, a savings of $4 off the regular price.

Prices subject to change.