A carrying case for your snowman

The designer/artisan Yuko Matsuzawa created a gorgeous insulated tote bag in which to carry around your snowman.

Apologies for the undoubtedly-dodgy machine translation here, but this is how Google translate renders the description on their site:

Carry a snowman
In the morning when the warm soup heals you, the first snow comes when you look at the window.
If I could share this moment with my loved one …
With that in mind, the craftsman Matsuzawa made a bag to carry a snowman.

The short video gorgeously tracks the entire process of crafting the item, from cutting the leather (I think it's leather?) to sewing it and buffing the edges. Quite apart from the actual utility of this bag for transporting — and maintaining temperature-regularity of — our snow friends, watching this display of patient, loving skill really knitted my raveled sleave of care. I think I just regained about 3% of the hit points I lost in 2020.

(Via Colossal)