Get a special deal on The Magnet: $25 a year forever

I started The Magnet newsletter in August of this year, and I've been amazed by the response. Many of you have subscribed, and it means so much to me that you are willing to pay to support the newsletter's creation. Thank you! As this year closes out, I wanted to tell you about a few things:

  1. Here's a chance to subscribe to The Magnet for $25 a year forever. That's 50% off the regular subscription price, and you'll get the same deal every year you subscribe. (This offer expires on December 31, 2020.)
  2. f you're still looking for a gift to give your friend or family member, consider giving them a gift subscription to The Magnet.
  3. For my recent birthday, my 17-year-old daughter drew a version of The Magnet mascot. The kanji characters say "mysterious stone" which is an ancient way of saying magnet in Japanese. I love it!