If you haven't tried compression therapy, the Reathlete can knock out leg and joint pain

No one is immune from the aches and pains of sore, tight muscles. The good news is that that tightness often means those muscles are actually getting stronger. Of course, that doesn't wipe away the bad news that it can occasionally be pretty darn painful.

For athletes, or for those who spent a good portion of their day on their feet, long soaks, massage guns, and even a trip to the massage table can help. But, for those looking for relief from leg and joint pain, compression therapy has shown some very encouraging results. The Reathlete Leg Massager is a simple method for helping tired bodies recover more quickly as it loosens up all that tightness and pain.

Compression therapy is basically just that, compressing your entire leg and squeezing vein walls together, improving overall circulation, supporting blood flow back towards the heart, and soothing inflammation.

Slip them on and these professional-grade leg sleeves serve as a personal massage therapist, providing deep relaxation while it rejuvenates the legs and eliminates that tired, heavy feeling.

While the air is doing most of the heavy lifting here, the Reathlete also incorporates heat therapy, packing three intensity levels to deliver a full leg massage from your thighs, to your calves, to your feet.

There are also three massage modes to choose from, including a deep, relaxing compression therapy session for your whole leg. A kneading mode targets both the superficial and deep tissues of the thighs and calves, increasing flexibility and reducing pain by breaking down collagen fibers and relieving restrictive tissue. Finally, the shiatsu mode relieves tension and pain from your feet's pressure points, a technique that usually requires a trained therapist.

The sleeves are adjustable to fit men and women, serving up a holistic approach to recovery and healing that only requires up to an hour each day. From world-class athletes to workers who spend most of their day up and moving, 60 minutes with the Reathlete each night can go a long way to quieting sore, tired muscles and joints.

Regularly priced at $189, the Reathlete Leg Massager is on sale now at almost 25% off, just $144.98 while this offer lasts.

Prices subject to change.