This Duracell Jumpstarter can bring your battery back to life, even without another vehicle

If you're already considering all the day trips you're going to take in 2021 to make up for basically going nowhere in 2020, you're not alone. Of course, that means not only making sure your car or truck is still in tip-top travel condition, but that you're also ready in case of an emergency.

Less than two thirds of drivers have jumper cables in their car. A quick survey of the contents of your trunk may show you really aren't prepared for problems like a dead battery. To be ready in the event of problems on the road (or even in your garage), the Duracell Portable Emergency Jumpstarter may just be the saving grace that helps you stave off a costly tow truck visit.

Considering they're one of the top battery names anywhere, it's no surprise that this Duracell emergency device can quickly handle almost any roadside power problem. Keep it fully juiced, and when the day comes that your car or truck doesn't start, attach some jumper cables, and the Duracell can bring 4, 6, and 8-cylinder engines back to life without the assistance of another vehicle. 

In addition to assuring you don't get stranded somewhere, the unit doesn't ever forget that it's a big 'ole power battery either. With the 2.1 amp USB port, you can plug in your smartphone, tablet, or any other USB-powered device and immediately bump your tech back up to full power. If your power needs are more of the analog variety, there's also a 12-volt DC power outlet to offer up additional charging options.

And, just to cut down on how much stuff you end up carrying in the trunk of your vehicle, the Jumpstarter is also equipped with a built-in LED emergency flashlight, so you're always ready for trouble, even when it comes in the dark of night. 

The Duracell Portable Emergency Jumpstarter normally retails for $69, but right now, you can save almost $10 off the regular price and grab this essential lifesaver for only $59.99.

Prices subject to change.