The Aura Smart Strap makes your Apple Watch an even smarter fitness trainer

Going back to the Dick Tracy days of the 1940s, the idea of the ultra-powerful wrist-bound computer has been an ongoing fascination. We've finally crossed over into that world of tomorrow this century with the technology of the Apple Watch and other amazing smartwatches that do pretty much everything.

Well…maybe almost everything. Because, while packing technology that would have made Tracy's Organized Crime Unit green with envy, there are still a few things the Apple Watch doesn't do. Thankfully, you can bring some extra functionality to your wrist warrior right in the strap with the Aura Smart Strap for the Apple Watch.

Most smart watch bands are nothing more than ornamental, but the Aura has essentially consolidated the fitness tracking power of its popular Aura Bands into a strap that syncs perfectly with the Apple Watch.

Embedded in the band are electrodes to run a bioimpedance analysis, measuring the user's body fat in relation to lean body mass. With a touch of a button, you'll get a full breakdown of your body's active and reactive resistance sent right to the Apple HealthKit app. Gauging fat, muscle mass, minerals, and body water, you'll understand exactly how your body is reacting to certain exercises, and can then craft your fitness activity around your ultimate fitness goals.

The band also includes its own hydration tracker, instantly assessing whether or not you need to down some water ASAP. Splash-resistant against the rigors of an active lifestyle, this band also runs like a champ, giving you up to six months of power on a replaceable coin battery.

The Aura Smart Strap for Apple Watch is regularly priced at $118.99, but as part of this two-day Christmas sale, you can take 15% off your total by entering the code MERRY15 when you make your purchase. Whether you're getting the Aura model that fits 38 to 40mm Apple Watch versions or the 40 to 42mm variety, both are on sale now for just $101.14. They even come in an assortment of colors, from the traditional black and silver, to flashier green or red editions.

Prices subject to change.