This 95-year-old gymnast is better at the parallel bars than you'll ever be

This video may be a few years old, but no matter — Johanna Quaas is an incredible athlete.

From Prevention:

Quaas wasn't always a gymnast. The athlete, who was born in 1925, initially took up gymnastics at nine years old. She decided to give up the sport for handball after World War II (and yes, she was also great at handball). She didn't take up gymnastics again until she was 57, but she's been at it ever since.

And that didn't stop her from breaking a world record for her abilities. In April 2012, Quaas performed a floor-and-beam routine in Rome, and earned the Guinness Book of World Records title of "Oldest Gymnast" at age 86.

Then, at age 91, Quaas nailed another impressive routine at a Berlin competition. Wearing her signature green, the athlete impressed a cheering crowd with her flawless moves.