This standing desk will get you on your feet for under $200

We've all heard about the positive impacts of using a standing desk versus the traditional sitting desk. Exactly how much a user benefits from standing is up for debate, though some argue the upside can be pretty great. One thing that we know, however, is that a sedentary life kills.

Researchers do know that sitting too long is linked to a higher risk of early death. Based on just that fact alone, trying out how a standing desk would work for each person has benefits that can't be ignored.

Rather than dragging a whole new desk into your home, you can see how a standing desk actually feels with all the associated benefits with a HumbleWorks Stan Desk Adjustable Standing Desk.

While this is an addition to any standard desk furniture, don't mistake this stand for some cheap accessory. Crafted from high-quality inch-thick birch plywood, the Stan2 is even beefier than its younger brother the Stan1, capable of supporting iMacs, desktops, and screens up to 27 inches across. In fact, these stable shelves can hold up to 22 lbs. on their brawny shoulders.  

Each shelf is adjustable, so you can position the minimalist hourglass design with a laptop or monitor right at eye level, then slide your keyboard and mouse level to a body position and posture that best suits you. The entire structure is also reinforced with steel cables, and it's completely portable, so you can use it virtually anywhere with confidence.

And, since the entire tower can be moved as needed, you can shift back and forth between standing and sitting throughout your day if you want to vary things up a bit.

The StanDesk2 retails for $283, but right now, if you enter the code MERRY15 when you make your purchase, you can add on an extra 15% off, in addition to the already discounted price. Together, those savings lower your final cost to just $195.49 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.