The existential dilemma posed by Lego crayons

These Lego-shaped crayons by Goober are totally delightful, though it occurs to me that they're pretty fragile.

Using them as crayons — even a little bit — could sufficiently deform the crisp structure necessary for them to snick into one another like Lego blocks. Their Lego-ness and their crayon-ness are fundamentally at odds with one another.

So … maybe you'd have to use them sequentially? Like, pick one color to use at at time, and use just it — not touching any other blocks — so as to preserve the others' pristine shapes? And after it was gone you'd move onto the others, one by one? So in the end you'd have a bunch of pictures, each drawn in a single color, a series of Picassan blue-periods enforced by the dictates of the tool at hand.

Or … maybe you'd say screw it, and use them all simultaneously to draw a picture, and not stress over how all the blocks would become immediately unstackable; accepting — embracing — the grip of entropy's remorseless talons on our universe?

Or maybe you wouldn't sit around totally overthinking it like me.

Anyway, they're pretty cool. Some promotional pix, from Goober's Instagram account, below …