The Sinji Ergonomic Mouse could be the answer to all your hand, wrist, and forearm pains

When construction workers, landscapers, or warehouse workers complain of aches and pains incurred on the job, we acknowledge the rigors of back-breaking physical labor. But when keyboard warriors who spend all day in front of a screen gripe about shoulder, arm, or wrist discomfort, it's easy to laugh it off as less than critical.

Life-threatening? Obviously not. But still seriously painful for many? You bet. According to a Cornell University study, at least 80% of workers in offices, call centers, and similar settings complained of assorted aches, pains, and discomforts related to their job. High on that list of ailments is carpal tunnel syndrome, a nerve disorder often linked to mouse use that affects more than 3 million Americans each year.

The right mouse can make all the difference in knocking back these ailments that can start as minor discomforts and turn into major mobility issues. The Sinji Ergonomic Mouse goes right to the heart of wrist and forearm pain, offering a feel and grip that promotes proper wrist alignment that knocks out hand cramps, soreness, and other CTS pains.

Rather than allowing your hand to lay mostly flat like most computer mice, the Sinji's patented design conforms the user's hand to a more upright and neutral position. That twist of the wrist can make all the difference, lessening the rotation of the lower arm and leaving the entire limb more relaxed. Without those stressors, wrist and forearm pain starts to recede, leading to an entirely different computing experience.

Even though the ergonomics are key to this mouse's appeal, Sinji didn't forget all the features expected from a quality mouse either. Engineered to work with either Mac or Windows systems, the design also allows the user to better adjust the speed of the cursor. This mouse also features a light-emitted edge, which makes it easier to work in low-light situations.

Regularly $33, you can not only enjoy a 30% savings off the price of the Sinji Ergonomic Mouse, but for a limited time, you can also save another 20% by entering the code HOLIDAY20 during checkout. That drops your take-home price down to just $18.36.

Prices are subject to change.