Don't do this with a Bluetooth headphone knit hat

I wear warm socks and put on gloves for a Chicago winter run. I am confident my knit hat is well-charged before pulling it down on my head. Not charged for heat but for sound. I power up my hat and hear it connect with my phone to begin a 3-miler scored by the music of Silversun Pickups. My chargeable Rotibox blue tooth beanie is a godsend for running in the cold, and the sound is really good. But do not give it a tumble in the washing machine with the headphones still in it…like I did. Will it survive? Stay tuned.

I love my sound hat. It is really nice not to mess with additional ear bud cords or even air pods under my hat when it's chilly. It's music and warmth in one, and occasionally a podcast, which makes me run way slower. Apparently concentrating on content weighs my legs down? Whatever.

Of course it's not just a running hat. Walking about town with my headphone hat is a regular thing. It has easy-to-control buttons on the outside but does not jut out like weird ear bumps. It just looks like a knit hat.

Just don't put your hat, with rechargeable electronic equipment in it, directly into a washing machine. On this occasion I forgot that part. I mindlessly threw all of my running gear into the washing cylinder in one sweaty heap.

The hat gets washed regularly but I have always remembered to take out the implanted headphones. They come out and go back in pretty easily. Miraculously, after fully drying out, the music hat works again! My beloved headphone hat has not been downgraded to just: hat.