Jeweler forges the one ring to rule them all

Patrick Adair creates a beautiful gold ring, then inscribes it using computer-assisted laser, then fills in the etchings with fluorescent powder for a cool effect under UV light.

In this video, Patrick Adair Designs the one ring to rule them all. Inspired by the popular movie franchise Lord of the Rings Patrick casts a solid gold ring. The process starts by machining a copy of the ring out of wax on a lathe. The wax is then used to create a plaster mold that is cured in a furnace. Patrick then melts gold and pours it into the mold. This makes a solid gold ring. I then laser engrave the ring with gibberish from an open-source font available on the internet. The last step is filling the ring with glow powder to make a glow ring. Making the one ring to rule them all was one of the most fun and requested projects on this channel.

And he didn't have to go to Mount Doom!

Image: YouTube / Patrick Adair Designs