The Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector can turn your bedroom ceiling into a beautiful night sky

Earlier this month, stargazers were dazzled by a rare celestial event as The Great Conjunction offered a view of Jupiter and Saturn huddled close together in the night sky. The planets themselves aren't actually in closer proximity to each other, but just the idea of seeing this optical convergence that hasn't been viewed from Earth in almost 800 years had millions around the globe excited.

It just goes to show there's nothing quite as transfixing as the vastness of space. While you'd usually have to go outside and lay under the stars themselves to get this kind of view, you don't have to freeze yourself in the dead of winter to take in the heavens. The Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector moves the majesty of the universe right onto the walls or ceilings of your own home.

With the Sky Lite, users can instantly project a field of drifting blue stars against the hypnotic swirls of a transforming blue nebula cloud, causing a truly mesmerizing effect. The unit incorporates a direct diode laser with precision glass optics and holographic technologies to create what can only be described as an otherworldly visual experience.

The tilting design of the Sky Lite allows users to aim the light anywhere, with simple button controls that make it easy to cycle through a variety of light effects, brightness settings, or to start or stop the rotating motion of the universe surrounding you.

The soothing aura effects of the Sky Lite don't just inspire imagination. They also create a relaxing environment in any room, offering tranquility and calmness to help adults drift off to sleep, or the security of a more entertaining nightlight to help children embrace the darkness, and rest. Of course, if the spinning stars and space bodies happen to engage your thoughts and spark visions of a life in the cosmos as well…that's pretty cool, too.

The Sky Lite can immediately transform the vibe in any space, transforming your bedroom, office space, home theater, yoga studio, and more. It even clicks off automatically after six hours of use.

Regularly $59.99, the Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector is now part of the limited-time Boing Boing Store Start of 2021 sale. By entering the code HOLIDAY20 during checkout, you can save 20% off your final cost, lowering the price down to a heavenly $47.99.

Prices subject to change.