Luke McGarry's hilarious gag comics got me through 2020

Every time I contemplate ditching social media, I remember all of the great artists I've stumbled across that I may not have found otherwise and resign myself to a life of endless scrolling. Cartoonist Luke McGarry's Instagram account has to be my favorite such discovery over this past year. His hilariously ridiculous gag strips have been responsible for at least 80% of the laughs I was able to eke out of 2020. The pop culture puns are often niche, so deeply niche that I'm not sure who the intended demographic could be other than me and 6 other goofs. But all seven of us are laughing our asses off. Behold this NWA strip that one was the first one to hook me. Dr. Dre looks adorable:

This was merely a gateway drug to the rest of his work however. There's also this inexplicable mash-up of Eddie Murphy lowbrow comedy The Klumps with spooky garage band The Cramps. Why? I bought two:

Found in a corner of the dark web:

Why is this so funny to me?

Tributes that Stephen King never saw coming:

"Sad Chewie" is a recurring character and a fan favorite:

And the only thing I'll miss about the orange reign is the endless roasting: