The hand warmer in this portable heater might just make it your favorite item in your home office

Sometimes, you'd really rather just boost the temperature in your bedroom or home office by a few degrees without firing up your central heating and paying to pump that heat throughout the entire house. 

In that case, you just need a portable heater that can wrap a cocoon of warmth around a relatively small, contained area. Not only does the Värme Portable Air Heater from Nordic Hygge accomplish that task with style and vigor, it's also got an extra secret weapon that should please anti-cold warriors: a detachable hand warmer that you can even take outside with you.

Built from a simple, minimalistic Scandinavian design, the Värme can generate some serious heat. With its rapid heat technology, the unit takes literally 3 seconds to heat up. As a way to make your slumber a little more cozy, or to help make your workspace a bit less Arctic, this heater has you covered.

It's got adjustable warmth levels so you can set the heat output to your preferred levels, and at just 6 inches high, the unit fits perfectly on a desk, under a desk, on a countertop, or even in your bag if you're looking to take its heating power with you on the road. The Värme automatically powers down after four hours to avoid overheating or whenever the unit is accidentally knocked over.

While its heating powers are formidable, the coolest extra feature of the Värme is the ridiculously handy detachable hand warmer that's included. Attached to the base unit with magnets, it basically looks like a palm-sized heating stone that connects right to the center of the heater.

Turn on the heater, and within a few minutes, the phase-changing wax inside fires up, heating the warmer to a temperature around 122°F. Just detach it from the heater, and for the next hour, you've got a tiny heater that will keep your fingers toasty, even if you take it outside with you.

Once it cools down, just reattach it to the Värme and it'll be good to go again in minutes.

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