Discover the joys of Sea Shanty TikTok

Thanks to author Elizabeth Kingston on Twitter, I now know that Sea Shanty TikTok is a Thing. It's mostly because of a young Scotsman named Nathan Evans:

Which was then remixed into a duet (because that's a thing that happens on TikTok):

And then it just kept expanding:

With more people getting in on the action:


#duet with @_luke.the.voice_ was asked politely so here I am also WHAT A BASS #seashanty #shantytok #harmonies

♬ original sound – N A T H A N E V A N S S

There are other songs, too — like this Scottish singer who was dueted by a, uhhhh, sword forge?

She also teamed up with some of the other #seashanty TikTok singers for some folksy group singing:


#duet with @nthnevnss @natidreddd love these guys ❤️ #fyp #stitch #xyzbca #xyzcba #viral #sing

♬ original sound – NatiDreddd

Even if you're old and out-of-touch like me, you can still spend some time falling down the SeaShanty TikTok wormhole—you will not be disappointed.