This Himalayan Salt Lamp isn't just mesmerizing – it's also a wireless charger

Anybody can just plunk down a cookie-cutter lamp on their desk, plug it in, and be good to go. I mean, it's just a lamp, right? That's true if your only mission is to bring light to an area. But, if you require a little more function and aesthetic joy from your desk accessories, there are some pretty stellar options available.

An almost otherworldly idea is this uber-modern, yet timeless Himalayan Salt Lamp Wireless Charger from LampDepot. It has a profoundly simple design feel, yet the whole base gives off a stylish, chill vibe that exudes power and success.

The centerpiece rock salt itself has been handmade, cut, and gloriously polished to show off the various layers of color within that are illuminated through the salt. While natural mineral salt will sweat, this piece was treated with an insulating coating to help avoid all that condensation.

Casting its own eerily hypnotic glow at your preferred brightness level, this lamp would be fairly stellar on its own. However, the unit is also packed with other useful goodies, including a full Qi-wireless charging platform. Integrated right into the solid wood base, you can lay your smartphone, earbuds, or other wirelessly charged devices right on the surface and get a full 5 watts of charging power.

There's also a stand where you can position a phone for watching videos or making video calls. 

The wood is also crafted to serve as a sound amplifier, so even if you've got your phone at a low speaker setting, the block itself will pick up and boost your sound.

And, there's even a space perfectly shaped to hold a pen, a pair of reading glasses, or another item you might need at a moment's notice. 

The LampDepot Himalayan Salt Lamp Wireless Charger is not only entrancingly watchable, but it's also on sale as part of our new-year celebration festivities. Retailing for $149, you can get this lamp for over 35% off, just $89.99 for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.