"Turning random internet drama into songs," part 1 and 2

This is the best. Montreal-based artist/producer Lubalin takes "random internet drama" and re-enacts it hilariously in song. He's only made two videos so far but they've gone viral, so I'm guessing more are on the way (crossing fingers). 

BuzzFeed News interviewed him about his recent success with the songs on TikTok:

The artist, who goes by the stage name Lubalin, has been a TikTok user for a while now, but in the last month really began studying what makes things go viral on the platform: "You need a hook, then you need to deliver," he said.

"I began wondering how can I take my skillset and apply it to that? I was kind of in a haze of taking in all this information then I thought maybe it would be fun if I took a screenshot of something and turned it into a song."

…"I want to ride this wave as far as it'll go, but I also feel like I'll get bored of these soon. And I also feel like I want to see if I can come up with other concepts," he said. "And I also have my actual — not to say this isn't music — but my actual songs that are going to get released among that."

He definitely figured the "hook" and "deliver," watch:

Now, other TikTok users are making duet videos with him:


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