The slow dying of Fry's

Fry's Electronics (and other merchandise) super-stores have been a retail fixture in California, Texas, and beyond for over three decades. Besides selling electronics parts, computers, software, other consumer electronics and home goods, each Fry's store sports a whimsical theme: Aztec temple, Roman ruins, the Wild West, Atlantis, and 50s sci-fi.

But slowly, these nerdy theme parks and parts stores have been shuttering their doors. The company was apparently already in trouble before the pandemic, but the retail apocalypse of 2020 has not done Fry's any favors.

Two stores (Palo Alto, CA and Duluth, GA) closed in Dec, 2019. In 2020, the chain had to shutter locations in Anaheim, Campbell, and Sacramento, CA. It is unclear at this point what 2021 holds for the unique, beloved by many retailer, but one can only imagine it isn't good.

Here's a piece on SF Gate that Boing Boing pal, Jim Leftwich, shared with us.

Image: Ucla90024