Clip-on motor to turn a bike into an ebike

Behold "Clip", a removable attachment that goes on the front wheel of your regular bike, turning it temporarily into an ebike. As Fast Company notes:

The new design, called Clip, attaches to the front wheel of a bike in seconds. Two arms lock around the bike's fork, and the other end connects with the front of the wheel. A tiny controller attached to the handlebars has a button that you can push to boost your bike's speed as you pedal up a hill (its maximum speed is 15 miles per hour). The whole thing is streamlined and weighs seven pounds; a tiny, 450-watt motor sits on the front end, and the batteries are housed in the arms of the device. It's small enough to fit inside a backpack.

"We wanted to have a solution where people could attach it to the bike really easily, and then basically detach it when they arrive to work," Ray says. At work, you can plug the device in to charge at your desk, then reattach it for your ride home. The range covers a 10-to-15-mile commute.

I'm a fan of electrifying all forms of movement smaller than a car, so this immediately intrigued me; plus, it's super weird and odd-looking, a thumbs-up in my book. There's an interesting industrial-design story here, too — if you go look at the Kickstarter campaign for this product, you can see what their original prototype looked like; quite different and … prototype-y.

(That photo above from the Clip web site)