Did Queen's Gambit stoke your fire for chess dominance? This grandmaster training can get you there

If you watched The Queen's Gambit on Netflix this year…congratulations, you're a citizen of Earth with a Netflix subscription. It seems like literally everybody with streaming access watched the story of Beth Harmon ruthlessly laying waste to the entire 1950s and '60s international chess scene.

While it was a blast watching Anya Taylor-Joy's character crush her male counterparts from tiny state tournament hopefuls all the way up to Russian grandmasters, it didn't just dazzle with its nuanced storytelling and visual flair. It likely lit a fire to dust off the old chess set, grab an opponent, and get a match started with a good old favorite like the Sicilian Defense.

If your eyes glaze over at mentions like the Sicilian Defense or the Ruy-Lopez Opening, The Complete Chess Bundle for Beginners to Advanced Players can not only explain the intricacies of this age-old contest, but help anyone from first-timers to skilled players boost their game.

This package features a whopping 14 courses packed with over 120 hours of intensive content, all designed to help guide novices to brilliance and talented gamesmen and women to mastery.

While nobody's sure where Beth would be in 2021, this package goes right for the next best thing, offering lessons from seven accomplished chess experts ready to guide your play.

From Croatian great, Davorin Kuljasevic, to Ukrainian master, Yuriy Krykun, to American grandmaster, Byron Smith, these talented chess players and teachers are assembled to help players through every facet of the game.

The package starts from the beginning, imparting new players with the major background and tactical training to start playing well right out of the gate. 

However, no player should be satisfied with just playing well. From improving your decision-making to winning endgame strategies, from structuring your pawns with Costa Rican international master, Bryan Solano Cuya, to opening traps with master, Mat Kolosowski from Poland, this collection is a roadmap to sharpening your skills to the absolute heights of your abilities.

As a collection, this chess master class is a treasure trove that usually retails for almost $1,400. But, right now, this entire package is available for less than $8 per course, just $99.99.

Prices subject to change.