Facebook silenced employees from discussing Trump's coup attempt

• "What excuse did we use not to ban him this time?"

Buzzfeed reports that Facebook forced its employees to stop discussing Trump's violent coup attempt.


They were scared and frustrated, with some coming to the realization that the platform they had helped build and operate contributed to the wave of fear, disinformation, and chaos that flooded Congress on Tuesday. So they spoke out on an internal message board, with some calling for Trump's removal from the platform.

In less than an hour, Facebook moved to silence them. Without apparent explanation, administrators froze comments on at least three threads in which employees had discussed removing Trump from the site.

"Donald Trump has directly incited a terror attack on Capitol Hill," one Facebook employee wrote on a post where comments were later prevented. "We need to take down his account right now. This is not a moment for half measures."

"Our employees are actively discussing today's horrible events internally," Facebook spokesperson Liz Bourgeois said in statement to BuzzFeed News. She did not answer questions about why Facebook had temporarily paused discussion on some threads.

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