Trump rioters break through barrier and have broken into the Capitol


2:30 pm: Riot police are clearing insurrectionists from Capitol.

1:45 pm: US Marshals, National Guard, ATF, state troopers, FBI and more are being sent to Capitol. Reports that multiple officers have been hospitalized with injuries.

1:22 pm: In mixed message, Trump says the election was stolen, but "Go home. We love you."

1:16 pm: Additional law enforcement resources are arriving in D.C. to deal with right-wing insurrectionists and terrorists. Virginia State Police are now at Capitol. The media is being escorted to a secure location.

11:48 am: Tear gas used in Rotunda. House members given gas masks.

11:47 am: House pool reporters says there is an armed standoff at outside House door and officers have guns drawn.

11:38 am: Representatives have been ordered to shelter-in-place.

11:35 am: The Washington DC mayor has issued a 6 pm curfew.

11:34 am PT: CNN reports that the situation has "gotten out of control" as rioters have stormed the Capitol and have stopped the Constitutional process to certify the electoral votes. and Capitol Police are requesting assistance from other law enforcement agencies.

StatusCoup is running live video of Trump rioters trying to break into the Capitol.

If the above video is not working, here are a couple of other live feeds: