Group stranded in flood sends phone up on drone to transmit SOS message

This week in Far North Queensland, Australia, a group of friends, and one of their babies, were driving to see a waterfall when they became stranded between two flooding creeks. They had attempted to drive across one of the creeks but the water killed their car engine and there was no cell reception to call for help. After spending the night in the rain, one of the individuals had the bright idea to attach his mobile phone to a drone and send it into the air in hopes that his SOS message would be transmitted. It worked! Emergency services dispatched an excavator and team with chainsaws to rescue them. From ABC Far North:

"He was clever enough to think that if he typed the message on his phone and pressed send that it would keep trying to send until it got reception," [State Emergency Service area controller James] Gegg said.

"When he brought [the drone] back down he confirmed the message had been sent, so he did get reception … that raised the alarm and people were able to activate.

image: Queensland Police Service