Stephen Colbert: "Who could have seen this coming? Everyone?"

Stephen Colbert's The Late Show opening helps his watchers deal with the catastrophe of yesterday's Trump-surrection, because he asks and answers what most sober-minded Americans are thinking. Are we surprised? Nope.

Fox News, the Republican Party, Trump-supporting members of congress and even the casual Trump voter need to spare us all of their phony outrage over the terrorist acts perpetrated on Capitol Hill yesterday. As much as those Trump maniacs smashed windows, stormed through the rotunda, waved confederate and Trump flags through the halls, demolished congressional offices, threatened the safety of the Capitol Police and everyone in the building–you did this. You've been doing it all along by allowing Trump to be Trump, so own it. YOU did this.

The 25th amendment is there for a reason and there could not be a more glaring reason to enact it than now, before a whole lot more crazy is perpetrated by the psycho-in-chief between today and January 20th.