This ultra-thin Motorola speaker doesn't just deliver great sound – it's also a wireless charger

Versatility isn't just an added feature in today's tech. It's now an absolute marching order. With our stash of EDC carry items growing seemingly daily, anything that gets added to your regular device rotation can't be a hyper-specialist. In fact, it not only has to serve one role with indispensable distinction, but it also better handle some other duties well enough to replace something else you're already carrying.

The Motorola Sonic Sub 500 Wireless Fast Charging Speaker is immediately ready to step in as an ultra-handy multi-hyphenate in your arsenal of everyday tech.

This 3-in-1 package starts off most obviously as a slim, compact Bluetooth speaker. Lining up at a shockingly svelte 1.6 inches thick, the depth of the Sonic Sub's audio production is head-turning. 

This powerful 5-watt RMS speaker even packs in its own built-in subwoofer to pump out outstanding full-bodied sound with a lot more bass than you might expect from a speaker this trim. Delivering up to 15 hours of playtime, this speaker also has Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities, so users also consume less energy while enjoying an even more secure connection. 

Not content to be a one-trick pony, the Sonic Sub continues to impress with its extracurriculars, also serving as a wireless charging pad for all your Qi-enabled devices. Just prop your smartphone, wireless earbuds, or other wirelessly charged device against this speaker and it'll fast-charge your power-depleted tech with up to 10 watts of juice. 

Finally, the unit also has its own built-in mic, allowing you to use the Sonic Sub as a hands-free method for handling your calls. That feature lets you truly conduct a speakerphone call without depending on the speaker on your phone.

The Sonic Sub is not only portably constructed, it's also secured for outdoor adventures with its IPX7 waterproof protection.

Usually, the Motorola Sonic Sub 500 Wireless Fast Charging Speaker retails for $59, but with this offer, you can take more than 10% off and get it for only $52.95 while this deal lasts.

Prices subject to change.