A parody of every single Scandinavian crime drama

Alasdair Beckett-King introduces us to "Nordic Noir," or Scandinavian crime dramas. I've never seen one of these shows, but still found it funny. Those who are familiar with the genre say this parody is spot-on. If you're interested in sampling some Nordic noir, reddit gives us some suggestions.

Beck (Sweden)
Wallander (UK/Sweden)
The Bridge (Sweden/Denmark)
Forbrydelsen (Denmark)
Jordskott (Sweden)
Spring Tide (Sweden)
Equinox (Denmark)
Karppi (Finland)
Midnattsteatern (Sweden)
Trapped (Iceland)
The Investigation (Sweden)
Twin (Norway)
Face to Face (Denmark)
Gidseltagningen (Denmark)
Follow the Money (Denmark)

You might want to space out your viewing, due to possible depression and eyestrain from so many subtitles.