Cubcoats are a kid's dream jacket that actually turns into a stuffed animal

When you come up with a good idea that hits home with kids, you know it almost immediately. 

Creators Zac Park and Spencer Markel thought they could launch a business around the Cubcoats, a 2-in-1 child's jacket they developed that folds down into a plush toy. But, it wasn't until they built a prototype and showed it to a wildly enthusiastic 4-year-old when they knew they really had something.

Three years later, Cubcoats are a certified hit. The winner of a National Parenting Product Award, Cubcoats now offers a full line of jacket styles that each transform into a soft, cuddly stuffed animal for a happy kid to grip and cuddle.

If you have trouble getting your youngster to wear a jacket (or remember to bring it home), the Cubcoat will immediately change that behavior. Made with premium, non-allergenic materials, a soft-tipped zipper pull, and cute features like ears, stripes, and more, this is a jacket that actually makes a kid feel like they're dressing up as their favorite animal. 

But, because kids grow out of their clothes so fast, all it takes is a quick zip to fold the jacket inside the hood, transforming the clothing item into a treasured plushie friend. Cubcoats are both wearable and playable.

Machine-washable and dryer-safe, this ultra-comfortable jacket is also ultra-durable as well, ready to survive over 1,000 washes. 

But for all their functionality, your kid is only going to remember the fun characters they get to carry and wear, coming in a variety of jacket styles, sizes, and most importantly, animal friends.

Cubcoats Kali the Kitty Down Jacket – $75.99; originally $80

Cubcoats Kali the Kitty Down Vest – $59.99; originally $65

For the coldest days, the down jacket is made with extra protection from the cold, as well as 100% nylon, suitable for sensitive skin. 

Or, you can go the sleeveless route, with a cute vest that will also undoubtedly be parent-approved.

Cubcoats Papo the Panda Down Jacket – $75.99; originally $80

Cubcoats Papo the Panda Sherpa Jacket – $61.99; originally $65

If you'd like to go a little more incognito, you can outfit your kid in the basic black of the Papo the Panda style down jacket.

Or, they can go with the fleece-like protection and comfort of the Sherpa Jacket style.

Cubcoats Benne the Bunny Sherpa Jacket – $61.99; originally $65

Meanwhile, you can also find the exact Cubcoats style that fits your child's personality perfectly. This style is perfect for the bunny-loving ones who gravitate toward the sky blue vibe of Benne the Bunny.

Cubcoats Pimm the Puppy Down Vest – $59.99; originally $65

Or, try the comforting grey of the Pimm the Puppy look; it's enough to get any young boy or girl right into character.

Cubcoats Tomo the Tiger Zip Up Hoodie – $41.99; originally $45

For those seasons when your kid can get by with a simple pullover, the Cubcoats hoodies have you covered as well. There's the bright yellow of Tomo the Tiger…

Cubcoats Uki the Unicorn Zip Up Hoodie – $41.99; originally $45

…as well as the cotton candy style of the whites and pinks that highlight the Uki the Unicorn ensemble – perfect for snuggling.

Prices are subject to change.