Night of the Short Fingers

Following Trump's 11th-hour Twitter ban, all hell broke loose online. Here's a tally of the evening's festivities; if you know of more, add them in the comments and I'll include them on the list.

Trump banned from Twitter []
Facebook bans Trump [WaPo]

Michael Flynn banned from Twitter
Sidney Powell banned from Twitter
Ron Watkin (8chan/8kun admin, likely "Q") banned from Twitter

Lin Wood suspended from Twitter []

Steve Bannon banned from YouTube []

Rush Limbaugh account "deactivated" [] (various other conservative accounts are either martyring themselves or trying to)

Trump subreddit banned []

Trump campaign director Gary Coby suspended []

Google bans Parler app []

Apple plans to ban Parler from its app store []

Virginia state senator Amanda Chase banned on Facebook []

UPDATE: More Trump bans/restrictions: Spotify, Snapchat, Shopify, Twitch, TikTok, Pinterest [Axios]

Stripe [ h/t Smulder]

UPDATE: Apple made its Parler ban official.

UPDATE: Amazon, Parler's webhost, is banning it. [h/t Smulder]