The Animaniacs, and Trump supporter's onion?

First, the video showing a Trump supporter, identified as Elizabeth Koch from Tennessee, saying she was maced for storming the capitol on Wednesday has been hilariously mashed up with this Animaniacs intro. Enjoy.

But now, the theory is that maybe she did not get maced at all. It appears that in the towel that she wipes her face with, there is an onion, and that is what is causing her tears.

It does look awfully onion-y.

As social media is wont to do many debates have broken out. Is it an onion, to cause phony tears? Is it a block of ice to treat her maced eyes? What? Where'd the ice come from? Maybe someone's cooler, ever think of that, smart guy? Rioters like cold beverages too. Who would think to bring an onion to an event where mace would be easily available? Wait! Some believe that using an onion in your eyes after being maced works as a remedy. She brought an onion in anticipation of being maced? What the…?

All of the conjecture is a little bit interesting but a lot unimportant. Many of the possibilities as to the course of Ms. Koch's actions and the validity as to whether she was maced or not still boil down to her one treasonous statement "…we're storming the Capitol. It's a revolution!"

She attacked her country. That's the important part. And however her tears were derived, they are deserved.