A YIPPIE SEANCE! — Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin Take Credit for Last Week's Insurrection.

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Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the show. This week we're pleased to welcome Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin into the studio. It's their first interview in more than 25 years! Abbie has been in hiding since 1989 and Jerry has gone low profile since 1994, but we meet with them via seance this week. The reason: They want to take credit for the insurrection at DC. Specifically the wikipedia article that didn't exist until January 6, titled: The 2021 storming of the United States Capitol

It can now be told, and explained, that the charismatic smiling quality of the rabid crazed neo-nazis storming into the Capitol building were, in fact, under the spell of YIPPIE MAGIC —  double-crossed into an act of self destruction! This fulfills a 50 year plan, begun in 1970, to crumble the Republican Party. Abbie and Jerry do a better job of explaining this, which is fully described in Side A this week: "YIPPIE SEANCE!" Abbie Hoffman & Jerry Rubin Take Credit for Last Week's Riot.

January 6 will go down in history as the best day ever for the Democratic Party. Not only did we recover the Senate, the entire world saw clear optics of the festering monster that the Republican party has been creating since Goldwater. Since gerrymandering. Since FOX News. Since McCarthy. They can all try and walk this politely into being Trump's fault, but everyone knows this is all the GOP's creation. Future wikipedia articles talk about how January 6 is officially known as the day the GOP died. It will be a felony in the future to be a Republican Senator. Viva!


Additionally, 2020 ended with an incredible video upload. MEDIA BURN uploaded a politely titled "CHICAGO CONSPIRACY 8" by RG Davis to VIMEO. This footage, which hasn't been released in 50 years since its one time airing is the most candid conversation with the Chicago 7 during the fourth month of their trial. If you've ever been curious to see ACTUAL footage of the personalities on trial, this is as honest a capsule you'll ever likely see.

Chicago Conspiracy 8 from MediaBurnArchive on Vimeo.

When done with the video, hop aboard for an hour long talk with Yippie Ghosts. This last week was awful to watch but the beginning of America's recovery, trust us.

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