Thousands of dark haikus inspired by 2020

Last year, in response to top news stories, thousands of haikus were crowdsourced and the collection was posted here at Doom Haikus

For context, the maker Eli Holder says: 

Back in March, I was feeling overwhelmed with 2020's terrible news, and I asked myself: What if, instead of gloomy news… we just had gloomy haikus?! Wouldn't that be better?! So I wrote a script to post each day's top news stories to Mechanical Turk, asking turkers to summarize each article as a haiku. It's been running (almost) all year. About 2,000 people have responded and there are now 2,700 haikus, forever memorializing the worst year of our lives, as anxious sets of 5, 7, 5 syllables. You might ask (rightly): Why would anyone need this? Mild entertainment? Masochistic nostalgia? An unusual dataset for text summarization? I'm honestly not sure, but it was fun to make!

Here a few gloomy ones:


We are all Dying

Free Treatment May Help US all

We Will Find Out Soon


A Man was Murdered

Because of His Skin Color

All Black Lives Matter


A Job that Means You

Have No Food and No Real Home

Is not a Real Job.