1800's "Baron Trump" looks enough like Barron Trump, other parallels, foster time traveling theories

In the late 1800's author Ingersoll Lockwood wrote a series of children's novels whose main character was named "Baron Trump." And awaaayyyyy we go into Donald-Trump-is-a-time-traveler theories, which is pretty goofy, but let's look at some of the spooky parallels first. Snopes.com lists the contents of the books and the subsequent similarities as "mostly true".

  1. The books character, Baron Trump, starts his journey in Russia heading to America with a character guiding his way named "Don". (What the…?)
  2. The illustration of Baron does bear a resemblance to today's Barron Trump.
  3. Lockwood wrote another book called "1900; or, The Last President" in which a strongly opposed New York politician surprisingly gets elected president and people protest in a "state of uproar". (Ok, big deal)
  4. That politician lived in a hotel on New York's 5th Avenue. (Hmm, Trump Tower is on 5th Avenue.)
  5. He also chose someone for his cabinet named "Lafe…Pence". (Come on!)

From Snopes:

Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey, and 1900: or, The Last President, are indeed real books by writer Ingersoll Lockwood. (We haven't been able to uncover any evidence proving that Donald Trump and his family have access to a time machine, however). 

Both of the books are archived by the Library of Congress and can be read in full on Archive.org. Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey was published in 1893 and 1900: or, The Last President came out a few years later. According to the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, Lockwood penned at least one other book about the Baron Trump character, The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulgar, which was published in 1890.

Ok, maybe I can get into the creepiness of a 130 year-old book series prophetically calling out some things in our modern day. That's cool and fun and gives one the tingles, but time traveler Trump? No way.

If Trump had the ability to time travel do you think he'd choose this course for himself? Utter disgrace? I would think he'd go back to 2015 and start over. From that point to now he could have safely criticized the government, got another divorce, got another wife, cheated at golf without people caring that he wasn't working, attended things publicly with celebs, traveled without protests, lived in New York, hosted TV shows–you know, all the Trumpy stuff. What absolute maniac would trade that billionaire lifestyle for this President Trump life? Oh. Wait. Maybe he is a time traveler.