Hacker Marcus Hutchins and the massive cyberattack he thwarted

Earth's Deadliest [Computer] Virus is a great overview of the 2017 Wannacry ransomware attack, and Marcus Hutchins' efforts to halt its progress.

The Disrupt video is based on the terrific Wired article by Andy Greenberg, which describes Hutchins' arrest and questioning about the Kronos banking malware he had written as a teen:

For those minutes, Hutchins allowed himself to believe that perhaps the agents wanted only to learn more about his work on WannaCry, that this was just a particularly aggressive way to get his cooperation into their investigation of that world-shaking cyberattack. Then, 11 minutes into the interview, his interrogators asked him about a program called Kronos.

"Kronos," Hutchins said. "I know that name." And it began to dawn on him, with a sort of numbness, that he was not going home after all.

Image: YouTube / Disrupt