Here's an emotional support animal you can take on a plane (because it's an AI-powered Tribble)

The creators of this fluffy creature, called Moflin, got $600k funding on Kickstarter. They debuted Moflin at CES this year and you can order one for about $400.

An AI Pet Robot that's just like a real animal. MOFLIN is an AI Pet created from a totally new concept. It possesses emotional capabilities that evolve like living animals. With its warm soft fur, cute sounds, and adorable movement, you'd want to love it forever. We took a nature inspired approach and developed a unique algorithm that allows MOFLIN to learn and grow by constantly using its interactions to determine patterns and evaluate its surroundings from its sensors. MOFLIN will choose from an infinite number of mobile and sound pattern combinations to respond and express its feelings. To put it in simple terms, it's like you're interacting with a living pet.