Man accused of stealing Pelosi's lectern has a lawyer who admits "I'm not a magician"

Adam Johnson (36), who was photographed holding Nancy Pelosi's lectern during the Capitol Riot on Wednesday, was released on $25k bond yesterday afternoon.

Johnson is charged with one count of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority; one count of theft of government property; and one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

Image: Tampa Bay 10 Youtube video

Tampa Bay News 10 interviewed Johnson's lawyers on the courthouse steps. After hearing what one of them said about their client, I think Johnson's judgment in picking lawyers is as bad as his judgment on whether or not to be smiling while being photographed carrying the Speaker of the House's lectern during a violent takeover of the U.S. Capitol:

Lawyer: It could be worse, uh you know, it could be worse, but I think part of what you have to, you know, factor into is again, you just have to drill down on what actually happened. You have a photograph of our client, you know, in a building, um, you know, unauthorized to be there, with, uh, you know, what appears to be a podium or a lectern — not exactly sure which one it's called — but that's what we have.

Reporter: Obviously, that presents problems for you as a defense attorney in that you have your client in the building at the time of the uh break-in.

Lawyer: Yeah. Yeah. I don't know the, you know. how to explain that. But yeah, that's, that's, that would be a problem. I'm not a magician and neither is Mr Digny. Yeah, we've got a photograph of our client who appears to be inside the federal building or inside the Capitol with the government property.