Man arrested for counterfeiting 25 popsicle sticks to claim prize

A genuine prize-winning popsicle stick

A popsicle company in Japan held a promotion that awarded a special rare Pokemon card to lucky people who happened to buy a popsicle with a specially marked stick. A man has been arrested for counterfeiting the winning mark onto ordinary popsicle sticks.

From Sora News 24:

Sometime in early November, Akagi Nyugyo received a winning stick in the mail which had been sent from Akita Prefecture. Then it got another, and then another. Before long, the company had received 25 winning sticks, mailed one at a time, all of which they believed were from the same person. A single Pokémon/popsicle fan being that lucky seemed suspicious, so Akagi Nyugyo (which is headquartered in Saitama Prefecture) asked the Saitama Prefectural Police for advice, and in the course of the investigation, they were able to determine that the sticks were fakes. Investigators have now traced the 25 fakes to a 43-year-old office worker living in the town of Kazuno, Akita Prefecture, and have placed him under arrest for attempted fraud.

I would love to see how these fake marks were created!