Your air matters – the Atmotube can tell you instantly if it's healthy or not

Your lungs inhale and exhale about 20,000 times each day. Awake or sleeping, at home or out in the world, during intense workouts or just sitting on the couch, the air around you is cycling through your body every minute of every day. 

Especially considering our current health crisis, shouldn't you know about the quality of that air before it starts infiltrating your body? 

Rather than waiting for a text alert or just shutting your eyes and not thinking about it, the Atmotube Plus and the Atmotube Pro are portable air quality monitors that are among the fastest and easiest ways possible to get quick, accurate readings of the air that's filling your lungs every moment.

At just three inches long and weighing under an ounce, the Atmotube Plus is as unobtrusive a device as you'll ever own. You can leave it sitting on a table or counter in your home, or attach it to a purse, backpack, or travel bag so it can go with you everywhere.

The Atmotube Plus syncs to the Atmotube mobile app, and your device essentially turns into a mobile scanner, keeping constant track of the air parameters around you. Packed with the newest generation of sensors for the instant detection of air pollution, the Atmotube measures the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) around you every two seconds. 

The Atmotube then sends that data back to your smartphone via Bluetooth – and if it detects any harmful agents like acetone, methanol, benzene, ethanol, toluene, xylene, or formaldehyde, you'll know about it instantly.

While that's helpful enough, the Atmotube Plus sensors are also gathering environmental data as well, like atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity. One quick glance at the app doesn't just alert you to your air conditions – it's also a personal weather station right in your phone.

As for the Atmotube Pro, it's got all the features found in the Plus, as well as an even more finely calibrated sensor for detecting the presence of PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 pollutants like dust, pollen, soot, or mold. 

Each unit can run for up to 7 days between chargings. From reducing exposure to harmful gases, to preventing allergy or asthma attacks, to just monitoring your own personal comfort, both Atmotubes are invaluable aids in your quest to keep yourself and your family healthy and happy.

Regularly $99, the Atmotube Plus is now on sale at almost 20% off its retail price, now just $79.99. Meanwhile, the Atmotube Pro, usually priced at $189, is also available at a 20 percent discount for only $149.99.

Prices subject to change.