Army guys for peace and tranquility

These army guys have no guns, nor promote violence of any kind. Instead they strike yoga poses and are multicolored to enhance their gentle nature. Rainbow Joes is the colorful version of Yoga Joes–army guys wearing their helmets and uniforms striking yoga poses. Either in drab green or featuring the power of the rainbow. It comes with a bamboo studio floor and all of your favorite poses are represented, like downward facing dog, tree, warrior 1 aaaand warrior 2 (both warriors are still non-violent).

As much as I loved playing with army men as a kid and enjoyed the plastic wars I would wage on the Fisher-Price Little People Garage with them, I think I am like so many others right now: looking for happy instead. These days I will gladly trade any notions of war, hostility and death for mindfulness, peace and care for one another.