Deaths: Harold Bornstein, NY physician who lied that Trump would be healthiest president ever, dead at 73

The New York physician who declared President Donald J. Trump to be "the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency" died last Friday. He was 73.

From the New York Times:

His death was announced on Thursday in a paid notice in The New York Times. The notice did not give a cause or say where he died.

Loquacious, hirsute and eccentric, Dr. Bornstein, a gastroenterologist, was Mr. Trump's personal physician from 1980 to 2017. He had inherited Mr. Trump as a patient from his father, Dr. Jacob Bornstein, with whom he shared a medical practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, at Park Avenue and 78th Street.

When Mr. Trump was elected president in 2016, Dr. Bornstein had hoped to be named White House physician and suggested as much to a longtime Trump assistant. But he was expelled from the Trump orbit after he disclosed to The Times that the president was taking medication to make his hair grow.

Here is the paid death notice: HAROLD BORNSTEIN, 1947 – 2021.

Never forget this letter.