Smokers in New Jersey can get COVID-19 vaccine before teachers, general public

The state of New Jersey expanded its current limited access to COVID-19 vaccines to people over 65 years old, those 16 to 64 years old with certain underlying health conditions, and, er, cigarette smokers. From NBC New York:

"It's outrageous. They've chosen to put themselves in that position," said Jonathan Strauss, who disagreed with expanded guideline for smokers. "To put someone one the list — ahead of these people that are volunteering to put their health on the line — because they have chosen to put themselves in a particular medical condition is outrageous."

But state Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli said during an afternoon press conference that "smoking puts you at significant risk for an adverse result from COVID-19." Persichilli also said that seniors have accounted for 80 percent of coronavirus deaths in the state. Two-thirds of the total number of those who have died had one or more underlying conditions.

(via Fark)

image: Airplane!