The Capital bares similarities and excepts it's kneads

The Capital building in Washington D.C. remained stationery in principal and has excepted it's ability to go fourth. While the attacks on the police were complimentary to Precedent Trump's suggestion for protesters to emigrate to Capital Hill, Trump claims he bares no responsibility.

To make sure that he would not loose the support of his base, Trump continued to elude to an enquiry into the election results. Trump had peaked the suspicion of so many of the rioters that they affectively created such mayhem, farther than what the Capital Police expected, that it forced many of the on sight law enforcement to bale on the building's defence.

In the passed few days many of the rioters became identified and put on the know-fly list. Shown in videos where it is insured that these terrorists are unable to fly commercially, they properly receive some of they're just deserts, rather then a right of passage.

Had enough?

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