This GE smart light doesn't just work with Amazon Alexa, it's got Alexa built right in

One way to attack all the clutter filling up the corners of your home is to literally just have fewer items in your home. Case in point, take a look at your bedside table. You've likely got both a lamp and a smart assistant unit taking up space in that prime real estate.

With the C by GE Sol WiFi Alexa Enabled Smart Light, you can consolidate both of those needs down to one sleek, yet ultra-useful and compact unit that saves you space while eliminating extra unnecessary devices.

From the bedroom, to a living room, to your office, the Sol fits in any environment, with a minimalistic design aesthetic that works with both contemporary and traditional rooms.

Even before you consider all the Alexa abilities, the Sol is a pretty able lamp in its own right. 

This light actually supports your natural sleep circadian rhythms with its automated light color temperature adjustment features. With the capability to switch through several brightness settings, the Sol can simulate a bright vibrant white light during the day as you handle work and other tasks, then swift to a softer, warmer glow in the evenings.

While you can use the buttons on the Sol to make those adjustments, it's a lot more fun to let the Sol's voice-activated features handle the heavy lifting, even allowing you to set times and scheduled alarms when you'd like the unit to make its daily shift from one mode to another.

Meanwhile, the Sol brings all the functionality of the Amazon Alexa to any room, lending the levels of smart home control we demand with other cool Alexa abilities like news and weather updates, streaming music, and more.

The Sol settles nicely into all of your smart home-enabled worlds, working seamlessly with a wide range of smart connected devices and thousands of Alexa skills. But, as part of the growing C by GE family, Sol also integrates with other C by GE products, such as C-Life and C-Sleep smart light bulbs.

Regularly $199, you can get the C by GE Sol WiFi Alexa Enabled Smart Light right now at more than half off, a 55% savings that cuts your price down to only $89.99.