Which of America's biggest pizza chains has the best value? A deep dive

The fine folks at Food Theory tackle the question of who gives the most pizza bang for the buck among America's four top chains. They also have some surprising insights about toppings. Warning: this jagbag has one of the worst cases of YouTube voice I have ever heard, which may become unbearable within 10 seconds. Viewer discretion advised.

My takeaway is that your best value is to doctor up a Little Caesars cheese pizza with your own toppings, since many chains use toppings to serve you a pizza that is lighter in weight. They use the toppings to hide the fact that they are skimping on the cheese.

That said, Food Theory found that Little Caesars has the best value (setting aside quality) in their tests, where their pizzas with toppings actually weigh more than their cheese pizzas. That is usually not the case!

Image: YouTube / Food Theory